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A big THANK YOU to all our essential workers, nurses and doctors

Together we can overcome this.
Stay safe. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We are closing our Wincey location and opening to doorstep delivery!

We will be closing our location at the Wincey
Mill's Market, our last day will be August 29th, 2020.

We're happy to announce we will be offering PARIS DELIVERY
Friday-Saturday 10am-1pm.  

Minimum order $25 and FREE DELIVERY.

Our Brantford location will continue to remain open. We're looking
forward to seeing you in Brantford or at your door-step in Paris.

Call us to place your orders! Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe!

Wincey Mills Market -PARIS

9am to 5pm
Thursday - Saturday
We will be closing this location, August 29th. 

 31 Mechanic St, Paris, ON N3L 1K1

Brantford Farmer's Market

Fridays 9am-2pm
Saturdays 7am - 2pm
Please pre-order by Wednesday at 4pm

79 Icomm Drive, Brantford, ON

Our FULL MENU of Fresh Made Foods!

*Some items are only available seasonally, contact us for details.

Quinoa mango salad close up view.

Quinoa mango salad. Get your proteins, carbs and dessert all in one dish! $5.50

Four Beans Salad close up view.

Four Beans Salad.
Always made with fresh ingredients. $5.25

Guacamole Dip with avacado seed for show.

Guacamole, with possibility of a future Avacado tree! $6.50


Darn Good Salsa. Nice and spicy hot 6.25 
Salsa Chimol same as Darn good salsa spicy flavourful, no heat 6.25 
Salsa Verde available only in summer 6.25 
Mango Salsa great with baby greens, on fish or chicken or by the spoonful 6.25 
Guacamole 6.50 
Garbanzo Dip. Think hummus with a Latin twist 6.25 
4 Beans Salad 5.25

All of the above are gluten free

Quinoa Mango Salad 5.50
(Quinoa is technically gluten free. Has protein that can mimic proteins found in wheat, barley and rye) 
Black Bean Dip might contain gluten in the vinegar preserving the roast peppers used in producing it 6.25
Tabbouleh available only in summer 5.50
Large bowl of four bean salad with lots of vegetables.

Even kids love our salsa!!!

Little girl eating chips and salsa.
Little boy tipping salsa bowl directly into his mouth... bottoms up!
Little boy and girl snacking on salsa.


Chicken Burritos, we only use chicken breast 4.50
Beef Burritos, we only use extra lean ground beef 4.50
Rice, Beans and Cheese Burritos 3.50

A closer look at the great taste inside our burritos...

Close up of Chicken Burrito ingredients.

Inside our Chicken Burrito: 100% Pulled Chicken Breast with sweet red peppers, green peppers and tasty spices. $4.50

Close up of Beef Burrito ingredients.

Inside our Beef Burrito: Extra lean ground beef, shredded carrots and cheese. $4.50

Close up of Rice and Beans Burrito ingredients.

Inside our Rice & Beans Burrito: Hondorian silk beans, rice and flavourful spices. $3.50


PUPUSAS (stuffed tortillas) a staple from El Salvador.
Pupusas are gluten free 
Spinach & Cheese Pupusas 3.25
Chicken & Cheese Pupusas 3.25
Mixed Pupusas (pork, beans and cheese) 3.25
Spinach and Cheese papusa with dip and statement saying


EMPANADAS a staple from the Spanish speaking world.
Colombian Empanadas, gluten free. 3.25
Beef Empanadas. Extra lean ground beef, rice spices raisings 3.25
Chicken Empanadas chicken breast rice spices 3.25
Vegetable Empanadas 3.25
Four Columbian empanadas served on a plate with sauce.

We are currently offering an ongoing special

Frozen entrees $11.00 each.
Buy 2 for $20.00.


Chicken Burrito
Beef Burrito
Rice & Beans Burrito


Beef Lasagna
Chicken Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna


All tortilla lasagnas are gluten free
Tortilla Beef Lasagna
Tortilla Chicken Lasagna
Tortilla Vegetable Lasagna

SOUPS (frozen)

All soups are gluten free
Chicken Tortilla $8.00
Curried Lentil $8.00
Florcita's Tortilla chicken soup with avacado, parsley and lime garnishes.


Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken with Rice) gluten free rice, chicken, vegetable, Florcita's mix spices.
Available as pre-order only $5.00

Hen Tamales gluten free Corn meal, hen, potato, green beans, garbanzo, and the secret sauce.
$4 each tamale, sold in packages of two ($8.00).
Corn Tamales gluten free Puree corn, butter, refried beans.
$3.50 each tamale, sold in packages of two ($7.00).

Antojitos wheat tortilla, chicken breast, sweet peppers and Florcita's special spread. $6.00

Flour Tortillas $3.50   
Corn Tortillas $3.75 
Home made Corn Chips $3.50 
Curtido (Salvadorian coleslaw) $3.50

Yerba Mate $3.50 for 100g
Fruit bars (currently out of stock)

Large group orders are available upon special request. 

Party size tray of Florcita's Antojitos with grapes in centre of plate.

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Wincey Mills Market -PARIS

9am to 5pm
Thursday - Saturday

We will be closing this location, August 29th. 

 31 Mechanic St, Paris, ON N3L 1K1

Brantford Farmer's Market

Fridays 9am-2pm
Saturdays 7am - 2pm
Please pre-order by Wednesday at 4pm
(+1 519 771 2683)

79 Icomm Drive, Brantford, ON